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UPDATE: Due to  many spam blogs being created on our  “free blog  service” offered , we have currently  closed  registrations for the free blog service.  Genuine bloggers who want  to publish a blog can contact  us from the contact page and we will consider your request on a case by case basis.

Blogs considered  to be started for solely  advertising and link spamming purposes on our free blog service offered will be deleted.

if you are all ready to go and get your own blog then you have come to the right place , we can provide you with a free blog and a little bit of support ( time permitting ) to help you get on your way to make your blog popular and exciting. Send us a message via the contact form if you interested.

To keep  our blog from getting penalised by google,  any blogs  started for the main purpose of  advertising  and  spamming  or if a blog has regular excessive copied content from other blogs or websites ,may get a warning or then be deleted.


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