The Australian Dealers have quite a few bently models ,  continental-flying-spur-speed,   continental-flying-spur, continental-gt-speed, continental-gt ,  continental-gtc-speed, continental-supersports,  mulsanne.

Australian Bentley CONTINENTAL GTC Model

  • 6.0L / W12 / 48 valves
  • 411 KW @ 6100 rpm

American-based Shelby Supercars “Tuatara” super car to give Bugatti veyron some competition

Competition grows for the worlds fastest Car

Shelby Supercars’ new mid-engined 1350-horsepower (1007- kilowatt) car, designed to take on the world’s fastest production car, Bugatti’s Veyron, will be named the Tuatara.  The car body, chassis and wheels will be made of carbon fibre, and its crash cells will be made of aluminium, with a mid-rear-mounted twin-turbocharged four-camshaft 7.0-litre V8 engine to power the rear wheels.

tuatara Shelby Supercars fastest car

Just a dozen Tuataras are expected to be made, priced from US$800,000 (NZ$941,000) to US$900,000.

Shelby Supercars founder Jerod Shelby said the name choice was based on the 2008 discovery by an evolutionary biologist, Professor David Lambert, whose research found that although tuatara had remained largely physically unchanged over very long periods of evolution, they were evolving – at a DNA level – faster than any other animal yet examined.

Tuatara shelby- New zealand -sports-cars-tuatara

Tuatara from New Zealand

“This reptile’s name translated from the Maori language means `peaks on the back’, which is quite fitting, given the winglets on the back of the new car,” The tuatara possesses the fastest-evolving DNA in the world.

Korean designer wows Ferrari fans with awe inspiring “Eternita Design” in Ferraris world deign contest

If the winners of this year’s Ferrari car design competition is anything to go by, the future of ferari designing could well and tuly be with the koreans , with then coming up trumps for the best design for the “futursitc ferari” . Three Korean students from Seoul’s Hongik University, have won “Ferrari’s World Design Contest” with their Eternita design.

photo -ferrari-eternity-design contest

The Eternita concept Ferrari design

Ferrari-Eternita-3 top design award pics

Seoul’s Hongik University beat 50 prestigious universities from around the globe to win the annual Ferrari World Design Contest with its stunning Eternita concept model design for Ferari.

ferrari_eternita_01picures photos

Lexus LFA super cars

Lexus Australia has increased the  number of $700,000 LFA supercars it will sell in Australia. The lexus cars have been more popular in Australia than other advanced economies like the United States, Japan and Germany.

Lexus LFA  Cars Debut in Australia

Lexus also is coming out with a  concept car called the LF-Gh, which is a pointer to the arrival of a new GS range soon. The other cars in this range are the Porsche GT3, Ferrari 458 Italia, Lambo Gallardo, or Aston Martin DBS. It goes 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

Lexus new sports car LFA 1024-600x400 wallpaper


Specifications For LEXUS LFA SUPERCAR ( specs)

Curb Weight: 1480-1580kg
Model: 1LR-GUE
Displacement: 4805 cc
Maximum output: 412kW/8700rpm
Maximum torque: 480Nm/6800rpm
Transmission: Six-speed ASG (Automated Sequential Gearbox)
Maximum speed: 325km/h
Acceleration 0-100km/h: 3.7 sec


More details at

The Ferrari FF sports hatchback Unleashed

What better way to start the blog with one of my favorite cars “the Ferrari” . Ferrari has unleashed  “the new ferari Ff”. The

Ferari  FF: the Ferrari Four. Four as in four-wheel drive. Four as in the four comfortable seats that cocoon driver and occupants alike.

Ferrari FF Pictures * photos

2012-Ferrari-FF specs and picture

The Ferrari sports Hatchback

FerrariFF_ wallpaper an dphotoalbum

The “new Ferrari FF” is more spacious in the back and they didn’t remove the power of the car as it features a 6.3 liter V12 which pushes out 651 horsepower.

Ferrari FF Wallpapers image car blog


Ferrari-FF- photos grey

The Ferrari FF Specs :

Engine : V12

Total displacement : 6262cc

Max power : 458kw@8000rpm

Kerb weight : 1880 Kg

Top speed : 335Km/h

0-100 km/h: 3.7 sec