Netgear Powerline Network XAVB5001 Adapter Kit

Ever wanted to connect all your devices to the internet  but found it hard to do , and wiring to messy , the Netgear Powerline adapter is the answer to this.

The netgear powerline av 500 adapter kit extends your internet access to  and  from any electrical outlet for the most demanding applications. It offers easy, plug-and-play setup and provides faster speeds for the most audio video connected applications.

Its perfect for connecting Hdtvs, blu-ray players, dvrs, pcs and media boxes  and game consoles to your home network and the internet.


Netgear XAVB5001 Powerline Network Adapter Kit


Its priced at  from $141.49


Features at a glance

NETGEAR XAVB5001-100NAS Powerline AV 500 Adapter Kit

Standards: HomePlug AV1, IEEE 802.3

Ports: Ethernet port

Connection Type: RJ45

Connection Speeds: 10/100/1000M

Extend Internet access throughout your home to any electrical outlet for desktop PCs, gaming consoles and set-top boxes via your electrical wiring. This adapter has Gigabit-fast wired connections  with Speeds up to 500 Mbps

The installation is easy with Plug-and-play  which sets up in minutes, no need to configure or install software

Pick-a-Plug  Easy install  automatically tests the connection at any electrical outlet to ensure the highest possible performance  you can get from the adapters. Enable applications such as streaming mulitmedia, multiplayer gaming, and multiple HD video streams through your electrical wiring and get every device connected to the internet.


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Do you have 50 shades of grey ( The collection)

So, I’m not the most tech savvy blogger/author/writer person you ever met, but I do like a cool widget specially when its on AMAZON. Here’s one I nabbed from If I’ve done this properly, you should be able to see all my books in the “ 50 shades of grey collection” below on a carousel!

50 Shades of Grey Book Collection

Okay, they’re not all MY books. Several are collaborations  with other authors .but mine will be out soon.

So, just push an arrow and watch the carousel turn. Wheeee! ./ Thhanks susan caroll Widgets

Also, if I’ve done this thingy right, if you hover your mouse over the book, it’ll show you how many reviews the book has and what the average star rating is.

And if you  click on a book, it’ll take you to Amazon where you can BUY it!


I’ve also included

Kindle edition Ebooks- 50 shades of  GREY

(as  Ebook Reader’s are getting so popular ) Widgets

So, what do you think? Is this not 50 levels of AWESOMENESS?

Other top sellers Australian  Charts Titles

All That I Am
Last Guardian Bk8 Artemis Fowl
Between the Lines
Tasting India
Shadow of the Night Bk2 All Souls Trilogy
Long Earth
Dance with Dragons Bk5 Song of Ice & Fire
Destined to Play
Beneath the Darkening Sky
Monkey Grip
It’s Raining in Mango
Open City….. 101 Hot books

Use youtube and Clickbank to raise some money

Tired of not making enough money using google adsense , cpa networks etc and you are interested to make some money from clickbank and youtube, this method might help you


(Feel free to use  this image mashed by me  ..would appreciate  a link back)

Revenue raising with clickbank and youtube

METHOD and tools to do it quick

  • Targeting keyword, 6.6k searches monthly
  • Create as much as QUALITY videos (quality f more long term passive income than quantity) as possible using powerpoint or then Windows movie maker or then Adobe After Effects CS6 if you have it ( camtasia  and auto screen recorder are other good softwares)
  • Videos would need to be of a  duration of 1 minute or longer.
  • Use Google Keyword Tool to get relevant keywords you are targetting.
  • Upload each individual video to a different channel with different titles, tags, descriptions, etc. with the primary or relevant keywords in it.
  • Redirect to ClickBank (shortened by using Tumblr, redirect Tumblr (Tumblr has built in redirects in their editor to use for  ClickBank link) using a free .tk (Makes it easier for the customer to type the .tk url instead of the one.)domain and put in the description, annotation, and in the video itself as well.
  • Blast views to your youtube video, likes, comments & favourites to videos using (services like Vagex, EnhanceViews & u2bviews. )
  • Keep checking your hops  to change seo and methods affecting the hops
  • count your money!! Rinse and repeat !!

Make more with this method by

  1. Blast some more social bookmarks at it
  2. post it on Yahoo Answers
  3. Once your start getting lots of traffics the redirect to their own sites/park domains.
  4. Hire somebody from Fiverr to a do a review video instead of making it yourself
  5. Purchase a cheap Link Pyramid.
  6. create some support video’s on other accounts that are linked to the main video
  7. Upload a transcript file to the video for google to crawl
  8. Make a Squidoo page with some unique content linking to the video
  9. Purchase 30k High Retention views.
  10. monitor for any keyword activity with Google Alerts & Yahoo Answers and  submit them  to Squidoo lens
  11. make money from postloop
  12. Get/Buy Twitter retweets to website
  13. Purchase Youtube Embedded backlinks.
  14. Get Facebook shares &  G+ votes
  15. Submit a YouTube sitemap for better CTR
  16. get some some blog comments
  17. Submitting video responses and adding your video to a playlist really helps ranking your video
  18. Submit video responses  from your other videos to your main video
  19. Get high PR DOHfollow profile backlinks
  20. Make slides for slideshare etc to promote on these type of sites with relevant keywords etc
  21. optional | get  a tumbler page .(Tumblr allows custom domains.) then u put a affiliate link on to that . use backpage or classified add daily for promotion

Tools to use :

Tool which displays the amount of searches per month on YouTube –

check backlinks on – Ahrefs

Highest value Panda and Penguin safe link SEO

Apparently its also got the  power to move you in the SERPs and Delivered in 20 days or your money back:

Ranking in the new post  Panda penguin world

post panda penguin link building and seo

This is a  popular SEO gig that  is currently being  promoted in SEO forums

What they do is nothing you cant do manually using fiverr , seo clerks  and other cheaper services  and doing it for the fraction of the cost, offcourse you will need to choose your gig providers carefully  to pull this off and you will need to do your own research for that

• Over a 17 HAND CRAFTED Manually Created TIER 1 Quality Link Types
• High PR Forum links
• High PR EDU Links
• High PR .gov Links
• Hand Written Journalism Quality Press Releases
• Social Signals For Link Reinforcement (G+,Twitter,FB – likes, shares, tweets)
• Diversified Anchors for penguin safe linking
• Optional On Page SEO Analysis and Reporting included for all BHW members!
• Up to 15 Hand Written SEO Optimized Articles in each package!!!

All you need to do is , do this same gig above yourself by taking ( buying) smaller cheaper individual  gigs and spread it out over time ( what they call drip feed)

Quick High rank blog with High lead payouts = $$$

Find a market ( affiliate ) that pays 300$ per lead….

Target will be to get around 4 leads a week.

The site should at least get  to #2 spot in google or then on the first page

Get it to rank using the below methods  in 2 months from scratch…

seo for blog high ranking

How to rank  the website in 2 months

  • High PR links
  • 60% high PR blog comments with low obl ( outbound Links)
  • 10% high PR forum posts
  • 20% other links
  • 10% relevant tier 1 sites on high PR domains.


sometimes links from just 5 high pr sites  can get you to the top

Aussie shampoo and conditioner

This package of shampoo conditioner  contains 125 uses, on average, based on 2 pumps per wash The precise number of uses will vary depending on hair length and amount of product used per wash

  • Conditions dry hair for radiant shine
  • Contains natural australian ingredients

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[easyazon-link asin=”B0009R5AYA”]Aussie Sydney Smooth 3 Minute Miracle Smoothing Treatment-8oz[/easyazon-link]

MOVIE – Captain America: The First Avenger (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy) (2011)

Captain America leads the GREAT  fight for freedom in thIS MEGA  action-packed blockbuster starring Chris Evans as the ultimate weapon against evil!

When a HORRIBLE  force threatens everyone across the WORLD, the world’s greatest SUPER soldier wages war on the evil HYDRA organization, led by the villainous Red Skull (Hugo Weaving, The Matrix).  All Critics and audiences worlwide salute Captain America: The First Avenger as “pure excitement, pure action, and pure fun!” – Bryan Erdy CBS-TV

MOVIE – Captain America: The First Avenger  Blue ray

Captain America The First Avenger  blu ray disc combo

Captain America: The First Avenger (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)

The Avengers, a 2012 summit meeting of the Marvel giants, where Captain America joins Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk and other super pals? Stick around, and we’ll get to that. In 1943, a sawed-off (but gung-ho) military reject named Steve Rogers is enlisted in a super-secret experiment masterminded by adorable scientist Stanley Tucci and skeptical military bigwig Tommy Lee Jones. Rogers emerges, taller and sporting greatly expanded pectoral muscles, along with a keen ability to bounce back from injury. In both sections Rogers is played by Chris Evans, whose sly humor makes him a good choice for the otherwise stalwart Cap.

The Avengers, Vol. 1 (Marvel Masterworks) [Paperback]

Comics greatest assembly of super heroes burst onto the scene in 1963 as Marvel Comics revolutionized the comic-adventure art form.

Gathering  and banding together to face the evil Loki, Iron Man with his gadgets and gizmos, the Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the Mighty Thor formed the improbable core of the ever-changing super-team. But it was three issues later when, from the ice of the northern Atlantic, Captain America returned from the frozen depths that the Avengers truly took form and made a huge impact on the comic kingdom.

check out more avengers toys masks and games and figurines on amazon

SoundLink Bose Wireless Mobile Speaker

Specs for Bose Wireless Soundlink speakers

  • Clear, detailed sound brings your music to life
  • Connects wirelessly to your mobile phone, tablet or other Bluetooth® device
  • Compact and lightweight-fits in your bag or backpack
  • Built-in cover protects system and unfolds into stand for instant music anywhere
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of non-stop music

SoundLink Bose Wireless Mobile Speaker

Price Online: $299.00

The 30-foot wireless range lets you keep your phone, tablet or other device with you and place the SoundLink® speaker where you want.

with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery you CAN Play throughout your day . It keeps the music going strong for up to eight hours, even while you text, e-mail or surf the web.

Auxiliary input for playing other audio sources, like an MP3 or portable DVD/CD player.

  check out more bose wireless speakers and products here

amazon aws summit australia 2012

Get Free tickets to AWS Summit 2012 – Australia

Join the AWS Startup Revolution

AWS Summit 2012 – Australia
Melbourne, May 15 | Sydney, May 17


The AWS Cloud is evolving quickly with new services, features, and tools. To help you stay informed on the latest innovations, join us at an AWS Summit in a city near you. The AWS Summits are a global series of one-day events designed to bring AWS customers and those interested in Cloud Computing together to meet and share ideas.

Attend this event and you will learn about the latest technology trends and some of the most interesting AWS Cloud use cases and workloads. You can choose between sessions to help you get started or dive deeper into specific solutions. You will also have an opportunity to meet with AWS experts and get your technical questions answered.
As space is limited, we encourage you to reserve your free ticket today. Register now for an event near you:

Reasons to Attend

    • bullet

      Hear the opening keynote by CTO, Dr. Werner Vogels, on the future of the AWS Cloud and learn about the 7 major transformations of cloud computing.
    • bullet

      Learn from AWS Chief Information Security Officer, Stephen E. Schmidt, who will share some of the details behind AWS Security, and why the US Department of the Treasury to mainstream businesses all trust AWS as a secure environment.
    • bullet

      Discover the latest services and features in the AWS Cloud and learn how to put them to use in your business applications.
    • bullet

      Learn practical tips on how AWS can help you grow your business, become more agile and save money.
    • bullet

      Dive deep into common solutions and workloads in the AWS Cloud: Enterprise Applications, Content Delivery, Disaster Recovery, Big Data, and more.
    • bullet

      Gain understanding of AWS best practices for developing, architecting, and securing applications in the Cloud.
    • bullet

      Hear how AWS customers have successfully built and migrated their applications to the AWS Cloud.
    • bullet

      Meet AWS partners who offer consulting and technology solutions to help get you started in the Cloud.
    • Who should attend
    • bullet

      Business and Technical Decision Makers
    • bullet

      Technical Users: Developers and Engineers, System Administrators, and Architects
    • bullet

      Businesses who are keen to learn more about Cloud Computing and how the AWS Cloud can help them build sophisticated, scalable applications, and grow their business.

amazon aws summit australia 2012


Registration and Partners & Solutions Expo


Welcome Remarks
Ed Lenta, Country Manager, Australia & New Zealand, AWS

Opening Keynote: Your Future with the AWS Cloud
Dr. Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer, and AWS Customers

Security and Privacy in the AWS Cloud
Stephen E. Schmidt, General Manager & Chief Information Security Officer, AWS

Networking Lunch and Partners & Solutions Expo


Breakout Tracks:

(Click here for session synopsis)

Executive Track

Extending your Data Center with AWS

Disaster Recovery with the AWS Cloud

Partner Presentation

Increasing your Predictability and Decreasing your Cost with AWS

Architect Track

Serving Media and Entertainment from the Edge!

Building Fault Tolerant, Highly Available and Secured Architectures

Partner Presentation

Agile Development and Continuous Integration in the Cloud

AWS “Ninja” Training

AWS Black Belt Dojo

Infrastructure as Code, The Devops Warrior Workshop

Best Practices: Microsoft on AWS


Closing Keynote: Data without Limits
Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO,

Networking Reception and Partners & Solutions Expo

Event Conclusion

* Please note that this agenda is subject to change.
We look forward to seeing you at the event!
Best Regards,
The AWS Marketing Team

Kindle Property Books For Australia

As the kindle is getting popular in Australia  , new books are getting released specifically for the kindle

managing your investment property

Check out this kindle edition Australian property book by John Linderman

Mastering the Australian Housing Market [Kindle Edition] – by john linderman

BUY – $18.67  Mastering the Australian Housing Market


Kindle edition released for the Popular Robert Kiyosaki book


Other Kindle Edition Property books released on Amazon

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy (Millionaire Set)

 Understanding Investments: An Australian Investor’s Guide to Stock Market, Property and Cash-Based Investments

Property Rich: Secure Your Financial Freedom