Get a free Small Business blog with Myob and google!!

December 22, 2012 in Blog Perth, Perth blog

Its true!! you can now  get a “free small business blog”

with bells and whisttels included to give you  a head start if you planning to get a business online.

Free Australian Domain name

You can see Our pm Julia gillard also spruiking this service on this video. It surely is a good deal  as the deal not only gives you a free australian domain name ( for free which normally can cost upto  $40 for 2years , but it also  has all the options  to get facebook and twitter  etc integrated with your free website.

free small business blog australia Myob

Free Australian Small Business Blog

Some of the features you get with the Free small business blog is as below , you can easily  receive payments for services or products sold on the blog  and can also add individual products  and services  on the blog from a easy panel where you can input the necessary information

Free bizness website business blogThe admin panel in the free blog

  • free easy-to-maintain website for 1 year
  • free web address for 2 years
  • free e-commerce functionality to sell online
  • free $75 Google advertising trial   +  free Google+ social media page
payment options paypal myob free website

Over 27,000 Australian  businesses so far have gotten a free online presence with “Getting Aussie Business Online”

Here is their promo video with Julia Gillard Promoting Online Business blogs

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Our free blog service

While this Free blog comes with some handy features like receive payments and add products  which is integrated ,it has some drawbacks Design of the website is standard  and cant be changed much  giving it a boring look and feel. No option of  flexibly moving you blog to you own hosting server and domain once you have realised your blog or website   has become popular  with lots of traffic and needs  a new home.

Our free blog service uses the worlds most simple blogging platform wordpress. You have the option to choose from thousand of themes from wordpress network to give your blog  a good look and feel. You can just export the content of your blog and your blog  if you decide  to move it somewhere else. Thousands of plug-in  are available on on our free wordpress  blog service  to make handling SEO , promotion of your blog , creating galleries , etc easy  by just adding a appropriate free plugin. If you want to know about Starting a blog in australia, here is an interesting post on it

You can publish content  from your desktop to the blog with a push of a button with our blog  by using the windows live writer software available free with windows computers. Come drop us a note  why you want to get  your free blog via this contact us page and get started blogging

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Activity & comment spam

March 27, 2012 in Blog Perth, Perth blog

There has been  many instances of users registering just to spam their links , including Users also registering  just to spam comments and Activity spam comments. Users  doing this will be automatically deleted without warnings.

Free bizness website business blog

Genuine users can continue to blog  and we will always make sure that  no genuine bloggers are affected.

The decision of the blog admins will be final.  Thanks for visiting

Blog De- activation

January 22, 2012 in Blog Perth

Due to the rising  spam blog content  we have taken the decision to de-activate some spam blogs.

Blogs  which have been generated for the sole purpose of advertising  products  and generating links to other spam or product  advertising blogs   will be deleted without notice.

Refer for further details.

We welcome and support genuine blogger’s to our free blog service


Perthblogs team


Welcome to Perth Blogs !!

November 25, 2011 in Blog Perth, Moving to perth, Perth Pictures, Wedding blog, Working in perth

Welcome to Perth blogs ! We will feature blogs  with news and content featuring living in Perth , working in Perth , life in Perth , House’s and accommodation in perth , Job situation on Western Australia  and information in moving to Perth.

Get a free blog Now !!

Perth australia - Living and moving to perth

The current auto registration  for free blogs is now  stopped , Free blogs will be offered only on a case by case basisMore details

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